Lawn and Garden Supplies, Hickory, NC

 We Carry:

Seasonal Plants

Grass Seed

Fertilizers (Lawn & Garden)

Plant Food




Wheat Straw

Pine Needles

Bagged Mulch

Garden Hose & Sprinklers

Yard and Garden Tools

and More

Daddy Pete's Organic Soil Products

Daddy Pete's Fertilizers

Daddy Pete's Cow Manure & Daddy Pete's Kickin' Chicken

Daddy Pete's Bagged Mulches and Barks

Hardwood Mulch, Pine Bark Mini Nuggets, Pine Bark Mulch, Roasted Sawdust & Soil Enhancer

Daddy Pete's Soil Mixes

Lawn & Garden Soil, Mushroom Compost, Nursery Blend, Perennial Pleaser, Planting Mix, Potting Mix, Landscape Mix, Raised Bed Mix and More